Learn all about safety window film, why it's useful, and how its application can help in Arvada, Colorado.

All About Safety Window Film

Chances are, unless you’re in the window film business, you may not have heard of safety and security window film. But you should be aware of it because of its increasing presence in everyday life. From commercial buildings to homes and even vehicles, safety window film is everywhere.

Beyond its practical applications, safety film is becoming an increasingly common sight in commercial buildings and residences. Let’s take a look at why this window film is gaining so much traction.

Why Safety Window Film is Important

Increased Security: Window film adds an extra layer of protection against break-ins. The film makes it significantly harder for intruders to smash and grab, giving you valuable time to get help.

Enhanced Safety: Accidents and natural disasters can shatter glass, posing a serious danger from flying shards. Safety and security window film holds shattered glass together, minimizing injuries and making cleanup easier.

UV Protection: Many window films block a significant portion of UV rays, helping to protect your furnishings and valuables from fading and sun damage.

Improved Comfort: Some window films can help regulate temperature by reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter, creating a more comfortable year-round environment.

Building Code Compliance: Safety and security window films can play a role in meeting specific building and construction code requirements. They can enhance the safety profile of your property, potentially qualifying for insurance discounts or satisfying regulations for storm-prone areas.

A note: safety window film is used to keep glass from shattering, but it does not stop bullets. Even though bullets will penetrate the glass and film, the film still slows down an intruder from getting past that barrier, helping to allow time for escape or to call for help.

What is Safety Window Film?

Now that you know why safety window film is used, let’s talk about what it’s made of. This type of film is usually made from polyester nanotechnology. And what makes it so effective? The final product can be comprised of a single layer, or multiple layers laminated together using specialized adhesives. Film thickness can range from 4 to 21 mils (1 mil equals one-thousandth of an inch or 0.001 inches).

The general rule of thumb is: the thicker the overall film, the greater its durability and strength. Thicker films can offer superior protection against impact, forced entry, and natural disasters. Ultimately, the ideal film thickness depends on your specific needs and priorities.

By investing in safety and security window film, you’re making a proactive choice to safeguard your loved ones, valuables, and property. This versatile product offers a compelling combination of security, safety, and environmental benefits, making it a worthwhile addition to any building. Whether your primary concern is deterring break-ins, protecting against UV damage, or simply creating a more comfortable living or working environment, safety and security window film has a solution for you.

If this seems like what you are looking for, you can contact us to discuss your specific needs and explore the variety of films available. With so much to offer, safety and security window film is a smart investment that can bring peace of mind and lasting value to your property.

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